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Why PVC sports floor is better than wood floor?


Low-carbon life is what modern people are pursuing. The national fitness is driving more and more indoor sports venues and the functions of the venues, and the requirements for sports floors are getting higher and higher. Ball games have always been a favorite sport for people. Traditional indoor basketball courts use solid wood floors. However, high-end wooden floors are expensive, and inferior wooden floors have many problems. Therefore, in recent years, indoor stadiums have begun to choose PVC sports floor since it's low-carbon environmental protection, has better effect, green environmental protection and stronger functions.

To achieve low carbon and environmental protection, the floor material must be resource-saving and environmentally friendly. Due to the excessive demand for wood, the domestic supply has exceeded the demand, and the deforestation will cause harm to the ecological environment. PVC sports flooring is made of polyvinyl chloride and a variety of compound materials, and its environmentally friendly and renewable concept has been understood by more and more people.

The reason for choosing low-carbon environmentally friendly PVC sports floor as the stadium material, instead of choosing wood flooring is not only the source of raw materials, but also the difference in performance. Let's compare:

1. Floor performance comparison: solid wood floors are prone to cracking, deformation, moth-eaten, mildew, resonance, poor impact resistance, poor wear resistance, and only 90% rebound rate; while PVC sports floor has good wear resistance and resistance dirt, antibacterial, easy to clean and maintain, no deformation, no cracking, no arching, no insects, mildew, stable size, rebound rate up to 98%, safe and reliable, and can effectively protect athletes from injury .

2. Color matching comparison: The solid wood sports floor has a single color, while the PVC sports floor is also imitation wood grain, it has a variety of wood grains with different textures and colors, which are easy to match and have many options.

3. Comparison of environmental protection performance: Because the surface of solid wood sports floor is painted, the floor is not environmentally friendly and releases formaldehyde, while PVC sports floor does not contain formaldehyde and no harmful gases are released, which is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

According to market surveys, low-carbon and environmentally-friendly PVC sports flooring has been used in indoor courts. Its renewable resources are not only more stronger in performance, but also economical for enterprises, schools, units, and individual indoor arenas to save the cost. PVC sports courts have become one of the preferred flooring materials for indoor courts at home and abroad.

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