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Why EPDM granules are the first choice for kindergarten rubber flooring?


Why do you need to add EPDM granules to the kindergarten rubber flooring? Everyone may be puzzled. In fact, it is beneficial to say that EPDM granules are added to the kindergarten rubber flooring. Why do you say that? Please come and learn about it!


EPDM granules are produced from synthetic rubber, which can produce a variety of colors and are resistant to ultraviolet radiation and general chemical reactions with their excellent performance. Used in the kindergarten rubber flooring material, it can increase its flexibility and prolong its life. Especially when there are patterns in the construction, the superiority of EPDM colored granules can be more apparent.

Advantages of kindergarten rubber flooring EPDM:

1. The product can be customized according to user requirements. The color, size, and rubber content of the granules can be customized to meet the different needs of users.

2. Chemical stability Our products have high corrosion resistance and excellent chemical stability, resistance to ozone aging, and heat-resistant oxygen aging.

3. Strong adhesion. In the production process, the company's technical staff has solved the most difficult problem of adhesion between the granules and the adhesive after many tests and field tests.

4. Bright color All colors use famous domestic and foreign brand pigments to keep the color stability of all granules, strong color fastness, high UV resistance and weather resistance.

5. Good elasticity It can still maintain good elasticity even at low temperatures.

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