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Why do we always run counterclockwise?


When we talk about running, people always run around the playground counterclockwise. The Olympic Games are counterclockwise. Running on a primary school playground is also counterclockwise, but no one has thought about why it is counterclockwise.

This is a very strange problem. If you don't think about it, it is ok. If you think about it, it will wonder how about running clockwise. Let's talk about the secret of running counterclockwise today.

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About the heart

If you say that the heart is on the left side, the center of gravity when running is biased to the left, and at the same time, the left foot acts as a counterclockwise support. Do you agree with this statement? It seems quite reasonable since everyone's heart is on the left side, there is no room for refutation.

About the theory of "mighty right hand"

If the heart is established, then the theory of "mighty right hand" voice will be more echoed, because the left side of the heart will play a stronger supporting role on the left side, and the strong right hand side will say that everyone is right handed. No matter right hand or right foot, the power is higher than that of the left side, so it will become more comfortable when turning counterclockwise, and it will be able to maintain the balance of the body.

About centrifugal force theory

In the process of earth rotation, centrifugal force is generated due to inertia. In the northern hemisphere, this biasing force is to the right. It will make the water flow counterclockwise when it flows down.

If do not respond to the natural rotation force of the earth, the human body is easily injured by the unbalanced centrifugal force and the earth's rotation bias. Therefore, most people on the earth run counterclockwise.

It is said that the swirling vortexes of the north and south are different. How should this be explained?

About Brain Domination

The human brain is divided into left and right brains, in which the left brain dominates the right half and the right brain dominates the left half. In fact, both the left and right brains are involved, as opposed to action and balance, but if the right brain is strong, the action response will be faster.

In addition, most people have a more developed left brain, so the burden is heavier. Therefore, the right brain has more dominating activities than the left brain in terms of running. Therefore, in order to maintain the balance of the body, the human body will automatically strengthen the left foot function that is dominated by the right brain.

About the rules of track and field

In the early stages of track and field history, the direction of running was clockwise as well as counterclockwise. For example, the 1896 Athens Olympic Games and the 1900 Paris Olympic Games were clockwise. After 1908, the Olympic Games used counterclockwise. Later on the occasion of the establishment of the IAAF in 1912, the official announced the clockwise determination of the IAAF rules and continues to use them so far.

Speaking of the reasons for these counter-clockwise runs, but the game goes to the game and the exercises are practiced. Perhaps there is always one that you think is most comfortable in the clockwise or counterclockwise direction. But need to remind you that you should not run in the same direction for a long time, because when you turn counterclockwise, the pressure on your left knee will always be higher than the right knee, so even professional athletes will run alternately clockwise..

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