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Water-based rubber walkway is broken only 1year after construction


Recently, Shanghai citizen Mr. Huang reflected that the 100-meter-long rubber fitness walkway in Changfeng Park, which has been constructed for more than a year, has been heavily damaged and makes people feel sad. Feedback from related parties stated that this is a “pilot trail” for a new type of material. Water-based glue is not acceptable in Shanghai and will be rebuilt as soon as possible.

Rubber Walkway Is Heavily Damaged

Last week, when Mr. Huang went for a walk in Changfeng Park. He entered from the No. 2 gate and came to a red fitness trail in Changshoulin, the immediate situation surprised him: I saw the hundred-meter-long red plastic walkway has been "broken" and exposed black tar bases, very shocking.

These broken "sores" are the smallest as large bowls, the largest ones are larger than the plastic basin, and the broken surfaces are in irregularly shaped.

Mr. Huang counted and found on this 100-meter-long plastic trail, there were as many as a dozen "scars".

Facing this situation, many residents and tourists were deeply saddened.

Mr. Huang told reporters that he clearly remembered: When he saw ginkgo trees in Changshoulin last Fall, this fitness trail was still good and the red trails were in the deep yellow ginkgo forest, red and yellow, and they complement each other, which made people enjoyable. But it did not last long. How can it be tattered? He also saw an old lady holding a cane, and while walking, she used a crutch to “set things up” with some rolled up plastic veneers. She murmured to herself: Unfortunately, how could this be done?

In Changfeng Park there is a 500-meter-long plastic fitness walkway along the Laoxi River. The reported was told that in order to enhance the park's landscape features and facilitate tourists' leisure and sightseeing, in the first half of last year a forest path in Changshoulin was rebuilt, covered with red rubber material. Mr. Huang analyzed that the reason why the newly built walkway were damaged in a large area may be related to auxiliary materials. In addition, Shanghai often rains, the drainage of the trails is poor, it is easy to cause rubber shelling and surface damage. There is also a big reason that after the rubber shells are lifted off, some scooter still rides on it, making the cracking holes bigger and bigger. Of course, it is not ruled out by some naughty tourists feel fun to tear on the cracked plastic, resulting in bigger damage.

Tourists called for that walking on a such damaged fitness walkway, visitors are prone to lameness, scooters are accidentally stuck on the wheels and damage of the rubber walkway will be bigger and bigger. This dilapidated condition is also extremely incompatible with the surrounding environment. In order to ensure the safety of the torists, the gardens should adopt closed isolation measures and be open after the walkway have been renovated.

Water-based binder is the Ringleader

Why did the newly built rubber fitness walkway become non-wearable than the old ones, and how does the government explain them?

The reporter called Changfeng Park,. the staff member Mr. Wang recalled that the walkway was built at the end of 2016. Although it was only for more than one year, the damage was indeed worse and has been repaired twice. “This is a ‘Pilot walkway” where the Putuo District Sports Bureau pilots new materials in our park!” He said that according to the current situation, it may be difficult for new materials to be popularized in Shanghai. At present, the garden coordinates the relevant aspects, and according to the rectification plan, the walkway will be rebuilt after the spring.

What is this so-called "new material"? Subsequently, the reporter also contacted Putuo District Sports Bureau, a staff member of the Community Section said that the District Sports Bureau built a number of rubber fitness walkway every year and this situation was encountered for the first time. After repeated analysis, it was found that the “cause” was the “unacclimatized” of the water-based glue used in the trial. “Actually, there were more than a dozen walkways using water-based glue in the same batch that year, but Changfeng Park had only poor results.”

Why does this happen? The party analyzed that water-based glue should be a better glue and was more environmentally friendly, but it required more time to dry after the rubber walkway was paved. Unlike other water-based glue walkways built in summer and autumn, Changfeng Park was piloted in December and the park has a large flow of people. It is an open space and it is difficult to close for the construction. At this time, the climate of Shanghai is characterized by a lot of rain and high humidity, which greatly reduces the effectiveness of this water-based glue. This shows that this water-based glue is affected by the season and climate.

At present, the Putuo District Sports Bureau has worked with the construction unit to make a new plan, and it will quickly remedy the "sick" walkway.

(Source: Xinmin Evening News)

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