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The Unique Feature of Silicon PU stadium


The Unique Feature of Silicon PU stadium

Silicon PU stadium material is a patented stadium material with multi-functional sports and construction advantages. Through technologies such as modified silicon elastic particles, the PU material can be directly constructed on the concrete floor. And there will be no cracking and bubbling. At the same time, it has the excellent characteristics of conventional PU and acrylic. Is the best choice for sports projects.

1. Water-based second-generation silicon PU professionalism-a professional structure specially designed for healthy sports

The ingeniously designed three-layer composite structure of "hard surface and soft inside" forms a scientific sports safety guarantee system

· Effectively increase sports cushioning and reduce athlete's foot injury caused by ground reaction

· Effectively reduce sports accidental injuries caused by falls and falls during exercise.

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2. The environmental protection of water-based second-generation silicon PU-water as a diluent, a truly environmentally friendly and pollution-free product

· It is a one-component silicone-modified polyurethane, which cures by absorbing water and does not leave harmful chemical components;

· The surface layer is made of synthetic resin, water-based material, and recognized environmental protection material;

· China Environmental Labeling Product Certification (Type I), namely the Ten Rings Type I Mark, is included in the government's green procurement list;

· Pass the EU ROHS environmental protection test and meet the international environmental protection test standards.

3. The practicality of water-based second-generation silicon PU-super wear-resistant and durable, and its service life is 3.5 times that of other brands

Superior weather resistance

It will not fade, harden, or become soft due to environmental changes such as outdoor high and low temperature, and maintain bright colors for a long time.

Superior wear resistance

The silicon PU water-based surface layer can ensure permanent and stable appearance and structure, and the wear resistance can meet the needs of long-term high frequency of use.

Excellent stain resistance

The silicon PU surface layer is tough and dense, and it is not easy to be scratched by the sole or other hard objects. It can keep the stadium bright and clean for a long time through simple washing.

4. The economy of water-based second-generation silicon PU-simple maintenance, low maintenance/construction cost

Low overall project cost

Suitable for new and old cement or asphalt foundations, special anti-fouling additives, so that the site does not leave scratches, low comprehensive use cost, high cost performance

Low construction and renovation costs

Because silicon PU has extremely excellent permeability and adhesion, it can be laid directly on the cement foundation, which greatly reduces the cost of infrastructure or renovation

Low material cost

The use of new technologies, new methods and new materials has lower material costs than PU.

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