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The new national standard is implemented today!


On November 1, 2018, the Ministry of Education took the lead and organized the drafting, the mandatory national standard jointly issued by the State Administration of Markets and the National Standardization Administration Committee, the “Sports and Surfaces of Synthetic Materials for Primary and Secondary Schools” (GB36246-2018).


Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Education issued the "Notice on Strengthening the Construction and Management of Synthetic Material Surface Sports Fields in Primary and Secondary Schools", focusing on the implementation of four major measures to further strengthen the site construction management to ensure the health and safety of teachers and students in primary and secondary schools.

The main points of the Management Notice are as follows:

Practically improve political positions

The provincial education administrative departments should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the National Education Conference and establish a teaching philosophy of health first. It is necessary to fully understand the importance of the new national standard and attach great importance to the construction, use and management of sports venues.

Strengthen publicity and implementation

All provincial education administrative departments should take practical measures to promote the effective implementation of the new national standard. The new national standard must be implemented in the surface sports venues for primary and secondary materials that will be delivered after November 1, 2018.

Sound long-term regulatory mechanism

The provincial education administrative departments shall strengthen supervision and improve the long-term supervision mechanism in the process of bidding, procurement, installation and construction, quality inspection, supervision and acceptance. It is necessary to focus on curbing the subcontracting and low-price bidding behavior, and the bidding procurement should be directly oriented to the construction enterprise.

Focus on strengthening supervision and inspection

The provincial education administrative departments shall regularly carry out supervision inspections and special rectifications with relevant departments, and endanger the health of teachers and students by causing non-compliance with quality standards due to malpractices, negligence, eating and collecting cards, and accepting bribes. Be accountable and seriously investigate.



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