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The major reasons why PP interlocking floor tile is so popular


According to various media reports and professional exchanges, we found that many kindergartens, outdoor playgrounds, running tracks in primary and secondary schools, basketball courts, tennis courts, and other sports venues throughout the country have used suspension-type PP interlocking floor tiles instead of traditional PU rubber track. What are the factors that make so many people choose suspended PP interlocking floor tiles?

The major reasons are as follows:

1. Since 2015, many provinces such as Jiangsu Province, Shanghai, Beijing and other provinces have successively exposed many poisonous plastic track events. For a time, “the plastic track is poisonous” has caused people scared, and even took up headlines for a long time. The medical experts revealed that the toxic components of the "toxic track" have been plagued by ill-health for many years. Even more frightening tracks can make boys lose their fertility in the future. More and more parents and related organizations are aware of the importance of environmental protection information on sports venues.   Such as children's parks, primary and secondary schools and other units have even sounded the alarm. In June 2016, the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China called for the suspension of the plastic tracks of the education system, and the green and environmentally-friendly suspension PP interlocking floor tiles began to take off in the sports building materials mall.

2. The origin of poisoned racetracks is mainly caused by excessive pressure and low cost related to materials and construction units. According to reports, with the current consumption level and quality of raw materials, the rubber track construction cost that can be used safely by children can be assured is around 250-300 yuan/sqm, the imported prefabricated rubber track costs as high as 500 yuan/sqm or more. The high price makes some children's gardens, elementary schools daunting, at this time the economy Environmentally-friendly product suspension PP interlocking floors are simply the procurement targets for these units.

On the one hand, environmental protection standards for products, on the other hand, have to be economical. These two major contradictory demands have promoted the suspension PP sports flooring to be sold on the market in the short term. This is also an inevitable choice for the market. Therefore, the suspension PP interlocking sports floor is also in line with the development trend of the market.

Foshan GRK Suspension PP interlocking floor is non-toxic, odorless, waterproof, moisture resistant, non-parasitic, green, pressure-resistant, impact-resistant, wear-resistant, resistant to high and low temperatures, and has a long service life. Weather resistance is extremely high, not afraid of the sun high temperature, rain and humidity, snow and ice cold, never warping peeling deformation. Welcome customers inquiries.

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