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New Year Present - The garage design you deserve


The underground garage is hidden under the ground

But it definitely impresses you

Garage is the first door to determine the grade of commercial real estate

According to the statistics

Car owners enter and leave the garage more than 4 times a day

Integrated garage design

Make the garage no longer cold.

Good quality experience

Starting from the underground garage

Make the urban environment more vibrant!



Channel floor: Polyurethane Super Wearing Flooring System

5-8 times higher wear resistance than ordinary epoxy

Wear resistance (750g / 500r) /g=0.005g

High hardness, pencil hardness 7H

Long-term yellowing resistance

Effectively reduce tire noise by 20 dB




Parking space floor selection: Epoxy Self-Leveling Flooring System

The surface is smooth, beautiful and achieves a mirror effect

No solvent, no odor, no poison, no pollution!

Thick coating floor, texture is thick, the overall thickness is 2mm or more


        Personalized design       

01 Sidewalk personalized zebra crossing

Zebra crossing is a "safe passage" we must pass every day

In daily life, most of the zebra crossings you see are monotonous white thick parallel lines.

It's boring to extend from this side to other side of the road

Color zebra crossing

It also makes pedestrians passing by a bit more fun.


640 (2).jpg

02 Lady Parking

Actively caring for women is an improvement

Great progress

Is to allow us to be fussy about this care.


640 (3).jpg

03 Charging Parking

--- The rise of the electric age ---

New energy electric vehicles are destined to become the trend

Charging pile can be described as a "gas station" for new energy vehicles

Find new energy parking spaces quickly

Proper planning and reasonable management to promote green travel~


640 (4).jpg

(PS: In some areas, the electric power department will propose that 10% of the total number of parking spaces is new energy parking spaces, it need to plan power consumption in advance)


640 (5).jpg


640 (6).jpg


640 (7).jpg

Integrated garage design

Simple and exquisite overall shape.

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