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"Limits of Harmful Substances of Synthetic Surfaces for School Sports Areas" was selected as "Shangh


A few days ago, the first batch of 10 "Shanghai Standards" was released, covering financial services, people's livelihood services, integrated circuits, new materials, major equipment and other fields. This includes the group standard "Limits of Harmful Substances of Synthetic Surfaces for School Sports Areas" issued by Shanghai Chemical Building Materials Industry Association (T/SHHJ 000003—2018).


Shanghai vigorously promotes the implementation of the standardization strategy, actively participates in international standardization activities, and vigorously promotes the implementation of the national strategy through standardization work, fully promotes the "four major brands", and continuously improves the city's energy level and core competitiveness. Last year, the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress passed the newly revised "Shanghai Standardization Regulations". As a creative system, the "Shanghai Standard" marking system was consolidated in the "Regulations" and is in a leading position in the country.


The first batch of 10 "Shanghai Standards" has undergone voluntary application, professional technical evaluation by third-party institutions, social announcements, and comprehensive evaluation by the "Shanghai Standards" Evaluation Committee, covering local standards, group standards and corporate standards, and fully reflects the advanced, innovative, and innovative Leading. In the future, in the process of advancing the "Shanghai Standard" marking system, we will benchmark internationally advanced standards and build "Shanghai Standard" into a high-level standard brand.


Shi Yanjun, deputy director of the Standards Innovation Development Division of the Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, said that the evaluation of the "Shanghai Standards" is based on two main basis, one is advanced, innovative, and leading, and the other is vitality, that is, social effect.

The group standard of "Limits of Harmful Substances of Synthetic Surfaces for School Sports Areas" (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Group Standard") is the "Shanghai Standard" that has both. This standard was quickly compiled and updated after the “problem running track” aroused public attention in 2015. After the standard was released, it was widely used throughout the country, which promoted technological progress in the industry, established a model for the application and implementation of group standards, and guaranteed the health and safety of primary and secondary school students.

Because of the strict regulations on the types and release of harmful substances in the raw materials and finished products of the school's rubber site, the Shanghai group standard was once known as the "most stringent" school rubber track standard in history.

The Shanghai group standard was released on April 30, 2016. After being revised in 2018, version 2.0 of the Shanghai delegation standard not only covers all the harmful substance indicators of the new national standard, but also adds new risk points discovered in the two years since the implementation of the Shanghai group standard. A number of indexes may be pioneering or stricter than the national mandatory standards and industry standards, and pay more attention to the punishment of false test reports issued by testing agencies and the self-discipline management of industry enterprises by industry associations.

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