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Synthetic Sports Flooring Used Instruction


1.   Synthetic Sports flooring only for teaching, training andcompetition, not for parking or others usage

2.   The flooring edge should be protected,not allow to move or pull. If damage, it should be repaired in time.

3.   Athletes can wear professional sportsshoes during the competition, but the length of the spikes should not exceed6mm.

4.   It is forbidden to wear high heels intothe stadium.

5.   It is strictly forbidden to drive, parkand stock goods.

6.   Avoid put the organic solvents in thesynthetic flooring, including gasoline, oil, diesel and thinner.

7.   It is forbidden to use all chemicals,including athlete-treated drugs and adhesive items such as chewing gum.

8.   In general, the synthetic flooringshould be kept clean. In high temperature, it is recommended to use water tocool down to improve the service life.

9.   When the synthetic sports flooring isoily, it can be cleaned with natural detergent, etc., avoid using a faded brushpad to wash the synthetic floor.

10.It is forbidden to sculpt and open firebarbecue the synthetic flooring, and regularly clean the weeds aroundthe playground

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