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New national standard "Synthetic Materials Sports Field Surfaces" released


GB / T 14833-2020 "Synthetic Materials Sports Field Surfaces" released

State Administration for Market Regulation and Standardization Administration of China approved the issuance of 186 national standards, including "Guidelines for Standardization Part 1: Structure and Drafting Rules of Standardization Documents", including national standards GB / T 14833-2020 "Synthetic Materials Sports Field Surfaces", this standard will be formally implemented on February 1, 2021, replacing GB / T 14833-2011 "Synthetic Materials Track Surfaces".


On August 29, 2019, Standardization Administration of China publicly solicited opinions on the new standard of "Synthetic Materials Sports Field Surfaces". The new standard mainly revised the following:

1. Modified the standard name

2. Modified the application scope of the standard

3. Modified product classification

4. Added technical performance requirements for the surfaces of ball fields and multi-functional sports fields

5. Modified the requirements for the limits of harmful substances in surface materials

6. Modified the test method

7. Modified inspection rules

8. Added site foundation requirements and surface construction conditions

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