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Stadium standard design plan


With the continuous development of society, rubber stadium are also entering people’s lives more and more. They are not only a gathering place for a variety of sports, but also a venue for many large-scale events. Let’s look at the optimal plan design for sports.



(1) Competition items: The IAAF Track and Field Facilities Standard Manual stipulates the standard sports track inner circle circumference is 400 meters, of which the radius of the curve should be 36.5 meters, and the straight road should be along the north-south direction to avoid the dazzling influence when the sun position is low. The curve should have 8 lanes, each lane is 1.22 meters wide, and the straight road has 8 to 10 lanes. The safety area inside and outside the track shall be no less than 1 meter. It is necessary to mark the end position of the competition, mark the position of the obstacle course pool, and mark the intersection of the vertical axis and the horizontal axis of the track and field field.

2) Throwing events: The positions of the high jump area and the pole vault area are generally one in each of the north and south semicircles.

① Discus throwing facilities include throwing ring, cage and drop area.

② Hammer throw facilities include throwing ring, cage protection and landing area. Discus throwing and hammer throwing throwing rings can be designed with a concentric circle method.

③The javelin throwing facilities include the auxiliary runway and the arc landing area with a radius of 8 meters. It is generally designed on the longitudinal axis of two semicircles in the track and field field.

④The shot put facilities include the throwing circle, the toeboard and the landing area. The shot put area can be set in a semicircle, or on the four corners of the track .

(3) Jumping event venue:

①The long jump bunkers are symmetrical in the north and south. The two bunkers are separated by 90~100m between the double-assisted track. The pit is 4.27m wide, and the bunker is best located on the outside of the track.

②The high jump area includes a semi-circular runway assist area and landing area. The pole vault area includes a runway assist, hand pole insertion hole bucket and a landing area.

(4) Football match field: A 68m*105m standard football match field is set up in the center of the track and field .

(5) Positions to be determined:

① The precise positions of the rostrum and stands are set up in the track and field stadium.

②The location of the barbed wire wall is built around the track and field field.

③Accurate location of inner ring drainage ditch and outer ring drainage ditch.

④The position of the flagpole where the national flag is raised in the track and field.

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