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SPU(Silicon PU )History


In 2005,there are no silicon PU called, at that time , the stadium construction on three types of materials, and each has its shortcomings cannot be overcome, this time the new product available there is a possibility to capture the market.

At that time, the general material on the market is PU,Acrylic and EPDM. These three materials are unable to overcome the shortcomings; at the same time also has its own advantages.

Such as Acrylict, it has bright color, not easy to aging discolorationg, the disadvantage is too hard too fragile, easy to crack.

Regarding to PU, it is easy to aging, discoloration, when install on the concrete base, the crack and bubbles comes easily, the most important thing is that the PU floor is very dirty.
For EPDM , the construction is very simple, and not easy to bubble and cracking ,but the granule comes out easily ,and the color fades in the short time especially under the three rebounds often wear to see cement.

 Part of the manufacturer goal is to develop not easy to aging,cracking ,bubbling ,and flexibility ,construction and simple product. After repeated tests, many failures, the product gradually mature. The initial called elastic acrylic, but it is a common term elastic acrylic in the market .Because many manufacturers in thinking is how to focus these materials with the advantages of a product .We think acrylic is a good choice, if somewhat elastic effect is much better, so everyone thought. Elastic acrylic is not a specific concept of a product, it is just a construction method is to make the following elastic layer of acrylic, as the elastic layer is what we have what they do.

 Silicon PU is from elastic acrylic group stand out. in order to distinguish other similar products, to   named SPU, and was registered as a trademark. SPU(Silicon PU) officially dragged into the market in April 2006. After the introduction of the product in the sports field materials industry,SPU(Silicon PU) set off a regime change of the storm. Ingredients recognized as the market's best stadium materials. Widely accepted by sports engineering companies and recognized .

Almost all of the companies after used SPU (Silicon PU)materials, they are reluctant to recommend others materials. The advent of SPU(Silicon PU) caused a serious impact to the PU material manufacturers .At the beginning, the PU manufacturers are vilified SPU(Silicon PU) ,but with the market recognition of SPU(Silicon PU) increasingly high, the SPU(Silicon PU) manufacturers have begun to develop this material. There are a lot of silicon PU on the market, imported silicon PU, the two generation silicon PU, nano silicon PU, EPU ,TPU,and so on, the market are unified for silicon PU, but the material composition is completely different.

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