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SiPU(SPU)Installation guide


() Sub-base Concrete base, Asphalt base

1. Concrete base

CompactnessThe strength reaches the concrete buildingstrength standard (C25 /4000PSI)

Flatness: Using 3m ruler to measure, the error is not more than 3mm

Slop:Horizontal slop is not more than 5‰, Vertical slop is not more than 3‰, to ensure the drainage

Maintenance: The newconcrete should maintain no less than 28days, in the front of 7days should pourwater conservation.

Crackthe new concrete must cutafter pouring water conservation, each part size should be   6X8m. the crack width should be 6~8mm,the depthis not less than 30mm


²   It suggest to build the newconcrete ,in case of the old concrete sink deformationor crack toomuch.

²   The thickness of new asphaltthickness should be ≥ 40mm,andthe new concrete thickness should be ≥ 80mm

2. Concrete base processing

Step: Cut —>wash—>Primer —>caulk —>treat


The normal crack in right-angle please cut it in V shape with width in 40-50mm, the depth in 20mm


Polish the convex and the loose.

Clean the floor by water and dilute hydrochloric acid(concentration: 5—8%)

Before the next step, ensure there is no dilutehydrochloric acid and the floor is dry.


Marking down the   ponding.

When cleaning, do personal protection.

Some projects clean only by water.

If possible, we suggest polishing the base


Before primer, the concrete base must be totally dry.

Mixture: open the drum and apply directly, mixnothing.

Tool: Roller brush

Decription ConsumptionPacking
Primer-one component Polyurethane adhesive0.2kg/m220kg/drum



After the primer dry, then caulk.

Step: prepare the material → fill the mixture


Decription ConsumptionPacking
Crack filler material0.06kg/m230kg/drum

3.Asphalt base

Asphalt base requirements

Once the asphalt base has following conditions, it suggests building the new asphalt:oil, asphalt block, cracks, pondings, pockmarks, waves, loose and so on.

The asphalt compactness ≥95%,the new asphalt should maintain ≥15days

Asphalt base processing

Step: clean —>Primer


Clean by water with cleanser essence


Apply 1 layer primer mixture

Tool: Squeegee

Decription ConsumptionPacking
waterborn special primer0.5kg/m2
60--80mesh silica sand1kg/m2


1) The edge of the field is about 250px without paint;so that the buffer coat mixtures permeate intothe asphalt to increase the strength of the asphalt.

2) It strictly forbid to mix the PUbinder resin (Label: FL013) in the first buffer coat layer, or the asphalt base will bedestroyed.

3) After the first buffer coat layer dry, pleasecheck the ponding .

4) Before the next step,the primer must be totally dry

()SPU Installation

Step: Liquid rubbercoating —> Top coat —>Marking line

Liquid rubber coating

Step: Mixing the material —>paint —> ponding —> polish

Tool: squeegee,electric portable drill

003L Liquid Rubber coat--one component self-leaving coat1.2--1.5 kg/㎡/mm30kg/drum



1)      Eachlayer apply within 1mm, otherwise its easyto appear bubbles

2)      Themixture should be applied within 30minutes

3)      3mmapply 3layers,4mm apply 4layers and so on

4)      Afterthe first layer,it should check the pinhole and ponding, and fix it by the mixture


Cut —> polish —>Check the base —>Fix


Ponding—> polish —>Check the base —>Fix

5)      Eachlayer curing time is 8-12hours.

6)      Afterfinish the last layer liquid rubbercoat, it should polish 1 time before next step.

7)      Oncethe finish resin, there are 2 options:

A)    It suggestsbuying high concentration of thinner, dimethylebenze, or gasoline locally. Mostimportantly, it should test firstly or easy to bubble. It has good flow leveland easy install after mix with PU binder resin.

B)    Onlymix with water, but poor leveling property

8)      Wheninstall, the ground temperature should higher than 5 orlower than 35

9)     Be sure no rain or water after 4 hours installed for each layer. In case of rain or delay a few days, please polish the whole courtfirstly.

10)   Inorder to accelerate the Liquid rubber coatcure, we suggest adding water. The ground temperature higher 20,1 kg liquid rubber coatingmaterial mix with 2—4gram water; the ground temperature lower 10,andhumidity lower 60%,1 kg Liquid rubber coat material mix with 6—12 gram water

11)   If possible,we suggest applying by spray gun

Top coat (by roller brush or by spray gun)

Tool: Roller brush or Spray gun

Step: Prepare the material > brush paint or spray paint

SPU top coat material istwo component materials, Group A: Group B=1:15.

Roller brush (3layers)

Each layer should maintain2-6hours.

The mixture should apply within1hours

Install by two roller brushes ,one applythe top coat mixture in vertical direction, another decorate the finished coatin horizontal direction

After the first layer top coat dry, check the sand, if it isrough, it need to polish

Be sure no rain or water after 4hours installed for each layer

006A Finish surface--two component with waterborn polyurethane0.2-0.3 kg/㎡20kg/set
Accessories-Silica sand



3. Marking paint

Step: Prepare the material —>Measure —>markingpaint

The white color markingpaint material belongs to two component material.

Group A: Group B=1:10

The first layer mixture:1kg group A +10kg group B+1.1kg silica sand (120 /150 mesh) +0.22kg water

The second layer mixture:1kg group A +10kg group B+0.22kg water

Tool: brush and adhesivepaper

SiPU(SPU)Installation guide


1)     No delamination or bubble phenomenon, the thickness should be consistentwith the design and specifications

2)     Surface be in good flatness

3)     Marking line requires clear ,non-reflective, straight ,and smooth


Afterfinish, it should maintain 7days before use.

SiPU(SPU)Installation guide

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