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Eight standards for professional silicon PU stadium acceptance


The silicon PU field shall be constructed in strict accordance with the national acceptance standards and stadium construction process requirements, and shall be inspected and accepted in accordance with the national acceptance standards (GB/T14833-2001).

1. The color is uniform. The silicon pu basketball court must ensure that the color is same and uniform, and there should be no color difference;

2. The surface roughness is moderate (it depends on the court type, relatively speaking, the basketball court has high roughness, the volleyball and badminton courts should be smooth, and the tennis court takes the median value);

3. No delamination and bubbles. The thickness of the silicon pu floor must meet the design and relevant specifications;

4. The surface has good flatness, and there is no large area of ponding after rain;

5. The court marking is required to be clear and not reflective, straight and smooth without imaginary edges;

6. The surface layer can form a hard texture layer with a certain thickness, which is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. Scratch the surface with non-sharp hard objects (such as keys, lighters and other hard objects), and qualified products should not be damaged;

7. Foot feeling: non-sticky, no obvious feeling of trapping (the hard upper and elastic lower structure of real silicon PU is based on the elasticity of the movement buffer, not the softness of the trapped feet), non-slip and not sanding;

8. Please try to lean down and smell it. The real silicon PU surface layer is a water-based material and there should be no obvious odor.

The above acceptance standards for silicon pu stadium have respectively inspected the quality of the silicon PU field material, foundation and construction, including the waterproofing of the foundation or the air permeability of the material, and the flatness of the surface. In order to ensure the quality of construction, it is very important to choose which stadium construction unit and what materials to choose, and it also needs to be strictly checked.

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