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Silicon PU flooring material VS Acrylic flooring material


Silicon PU materials (SPU) and acrylic materials are two types of sports court materials that are very common now. Both two kinds of materials are green and environmentally friendly products and can be used for sport surface construction. What's the difference between silicon PU and acrylic material? How to choose? Let's have a look!


1. The Material

Silicon PU material is a new generation of court paving materials developed on the basis of PU flooring materials. It is a scientifically compounded polyurethane (PU) material and a material containing an organic silicon component. After the completion of the silicon PU court construction, the thickness is generally more than 3mm, and the thicker the thickness, the higher the price.

Acrylic flooring material is made of high-quality acrylic surface coating plus a certain proportion of quartz sand and water, which belongs to water-based materials. After acrylic flooring is completed, the thickness of hard acrylic is generally 1.0-1.15mm, and the thickness of elastic acrylic is generally about 3mm. Because of its low maintenance cost, it is an economical flooring material.

2. Feature

Foshan GRK SPU flooring material

In order to improve the professional safety for sports, the upper hard surface layer can bring the feeling of professional sports, while the bottom layer of elasticity can increase the buffer, there are many examples of falling due to collision in the process of sports, this time its bottom elastic layer effectively protects the athlete's ankles, joints, ligaments, etc., and will not let them suffer from the ground reaction force. This kind of structure (hard with elastic, elastic but not soft) is deeply loved by consumers.

With unmatched weatherability and abrasion resistance, it can meet the needs of long-term high frequency of use. Tough and dense, it's hard to be scratched by soles or other hard objects, it can keep clean and smooth for a long time. There is a sealant that is specially designed to deal with cracks on the ground, and you don't have to worry about court cracking. However, the price of silicon PU material is higher than acrylic material.

Foshan GRK Acrylic flooring material

Non-toxic 100% green product, strong impact resistance. Acrylic court surface is flat, good adhesion, no blistering, peeling, etc. Colorful, not easy to aging, not easy to foam, easy construction, convenient maintenance, low cost. However, there is no toughness, and the foundation requirements are very high. The foundation must be flat, free of cracks, and waterproof. Once the foundation cracks, the course will crack.

3. The service life

Silicon PU flooring materials: more than 8 years, achieving the effect of "no discoloration in five years and no change in elasticity in ten years".

Acrylic flooring material: more than 5years

4. Application

Silicon PU course materials are suitable for indoor and outdoor venues such as basketball, tennis, badminton, table tennis, volleyball, indoor soccer, handball, kindergarten, gymnasium, hospitals, and hotels. Both cement and asphalt bases are available.

Acrylic court materials are suitable for basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, badminton courts and other sports venues. The requirements for the foundation are higher, both the cement base and the asphalt base are available.

Both types of materials have their advantages and disadvantages. Acrylic material is cheaper than Silicon PU material, but the sporting experience is less than that of Silicon PU court. So, what kind of material to choose, in addition to the venue and the needs, should also consider the budget. Only after comprehensive consideration can you make a choice. If there are doubts, Foshan GRK can design a reasonable plan for your reference and can provide excellent construction team. As we all know, construction technique also occupies a large proportion in material quality, a professional construction team can make the service life longer, giving you a better sports experience.

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