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Ingenuity Helps Rubber Runing Track Rebuild Confidence in Sports and Flooring Market


The rise of national fitness as a national strategy and the favorable policies in the context of the development of the sports industry have allowed the stadium construction industry to enter a golden age, but the emergence of “problem runways” has caused the entire industry, especially the flooring industry, to suffer a heavy blow. In 2017, when the China Green Campus Construction Quality Alliance was established, representatives of member companies shouted “321 Industry Self-Declaration Declaration”, expecting “moral strength” to play a role in the industry rebirth process. After one year, the topic of reconstructing the dignity of the plastic runway continues.

   Recently, the China Green Campus Construction Quality Summit Forum was held in Shanghai. The discussion on topics such as green, environmental protection, quality, ethics, and ingenuity in the Forum also revealed the future development trend of the industry and the long-term survival of the company.

       “Let morality return to the market and ingenuity build quality.” Lin Fanqiu, the chairman of the forum, and chairman of DBC, emphasized the importance of “morality” in the development of the industry. “The results of trying to cross the moral bottom line are obvious to all. The world that loses credibility will have no way to go. This is why the summit has to come up with the reason for 'bringing morality back to the market'.” Lin Fanqiu said, “I hope all entrepreneurs in the industry will In the spirit of being responsible to the society, we will take honesty and ethical issues seriously, and strive to form a good business atmosphere of integrity."

       Zhang Pengyi, a professor at Tsinghua University’s School of Environment, said that the industry’s re-emergence should not be based solely on morality. “The pains of the plastic track industry originate from the lack of ethics and standards. It also requires the regulation and regulation of regulations and regulations.” Zhang Pengyi pointed out sharply that many practitioners in the sports flooring industry are not scientifically sound and unsound about their understanding of chemical safety and lack basic The scientific literacy of the industry is also very weak. "Many companies do not have their own research and development teams and monitoring facilities, and they do not even know why they will cause toxic substances to exceed the standards." He suggested that companies should unite to help science in universities and research institutes. Research, while using government forces to develop industry basic research work, through the combination of production, education and research, to solve the industry's ills.

   Jiang Haihe, vice president of the Hefei Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the vice university of China University of Science and Technology, bluntly stated that the plastics track industry is currently facing a quality revolution. The only way to realize the quality revolution is the craftsmanship. Guo Zhongbao, deputy director of the National Building Materials Testing Center and National Building Material Quality Inspection Center, said that the green and green plastic runway can guarantee the health and safety of all people, while durability can save social costs. Director of Taishan Sports Industry Group Co., Ltd. and chairman of Shenzhen Taishan Sports Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Ruan Zhiyong also stressed the importance of quality to the development of the industry. He bluntly stated that “quality is the driving force behind the ever-greening of the enterprise.”

       “Everything is based on the user's experience... We are striving to provide quality, green, and environmentally-friendly plastic runway products for our campuses and stadiums... We will strengthen technological upgrades and business upgrades and make every effort to achieve a comprehensive, coordinated, and sustainable development of the sports facilities industry. ". The first anniversary of the "321 industry self-discipline declaration" , the sports flooring industry is awakening and reborn.

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