1:2 PU Top Coat material for athletic tartan track

IAAF Standard 1:2 PU Top Coat material for athletic tartan track

Material: Polyurethane

Mixture: 1:2

Shape: Liquid


Usage: 1.2kg/sqm

Place of Origin: Guangdong China

Product Information


1:2 PU top coat material is a kind of two-compoment polyurethane material,which used on spray coat,sandwich track,and full PU track. During application, Group A and Group B should mix with EPDM rubber granule.


Strong adhesion,excellent wearing resistance and flexibility,anti-aging,stain resistance,easy construction,easy maintenance,good environmental performance,excellent UV resistance,long-lasting color bright.

Package and Storage

Packing:20kg/drum (group A and grouo B)

Stored in a cool, ventilatedand dry warehouse, keep away from fire and heat sources, and keep waterproof,damp proof and light proof.

Storage period: six monthsfrom the date of production. More than the storage period, the test cancontinue to use.

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