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Prerequisite for the floor paint construction team


The quality of the floor paint construction team directly affects the quality of the floor paint project. Even if the floor paint material is good, if the floor paint construction team does not have professional quality, it can not produce high quality epoxy floor paint project. On the contrary, if the floor paint construction team is excellent professional, even if the floor paint material is relatively poor, the professional quality of the floor paint construction team can make up for the shortage of floor paint materials to the greatest extent.   In the industry this is what we call the three-point material, seven points of construction.

The quality of the floor paint construction team directly affects the quality of the floor paint project. Is your construction team qualified? How to build a high-quality construction team?


1. Site survey before construction

Before formulating the construction plan, organize professional business personnel to go to the construction site for investigation, including: ground conditions, foundation completion time, dryness, flatness, strength, and projects that may cross construction. Foshan GRK, focusing on the flooring industry, provides free professional site survey services.

2. Develop a construction plan

According to the survey results, formulate a detailed construction plan, and convene the owner, the project leader, the project supervisor, the construction team captain and other relevant technical personnel to discuss the rationality and feasibility of the research plan to form the final construction plan.

3. Determine the project leader and project management procedures

The person in charge of the project must firstly be familiar with the detailed construction steps, organize the professional construction team and implement the construction equipment according to the construction requirements, and do all the preparatory work before the construction, such as the construction site enclosure, construction site protection, etc. The project management team established by the people implements the management of the project, and does a good job of communication, coordination, and submission of reports.

4. Determine the technical leader

Each project is specially assigned to the technical person, who is responsible for on-site analysis of quality problems and technical problems arising from the project construction process and timely resolution.

5. After-sales service after acceptance

1). Establish construction files, detail the customer's engineering process and technical information to ensure accurate service.

2). Lifelong after-sales service commitment. All floor works undertaken are free of charge for one year. If there is a quality problem in the project during the warranty period, it is responsible for free maintenance (except for human factors damage and irresistible force). For the repair work beyond the warranty period, a reasonable cost is charged.

3). Establish a visit system, visit customers regularly, listen to opinions, improve work, and improve services.

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