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Granules Paver machine for EPDM floor spray coat and sandwich track

Place of Origin: Guangdong China
Shipping: FOB China port by ocean
Unit Price: USD3000-4500 /set
Delivery: 15days
Votage: 380V

Paver machine is design for paving the rubber granules materials as bottom layer of the indoor or outdoor sport field and running track. The paver moves forward at a set speed through a chain drive, and the front scraper scrapes the mixed elastic material smoothly, and then vibrates and compacts the heated screed to achieve the purpose of laying.

Main Technical Parameters:

1electrical system

1voltage   380V

2power   8KW

     E-motor:            0.75KW×2

3hydraulic motor    1.1KW

4shaking motor       0.75KW

2Hydraulic system

1Pressure   10MPa

2cylinder journey280mm

3Driver system

1moving speed of track0.8~6m/min

2size of the track piece50×25mm

4Front scraper rail

1range of height adjust0~80mm


1range of height0~50mm

2range of angle0~10°

3range of temperature0~120

6operation data

1paving width2500mm

2paving capacity100~400m2/h

7weight      850kg

8external dimension2700×1600×750mm(L,W,H) Apply SBR layertartan track toolsathletic track machineChinese paver machine

Granule paver machine


1install the seat rest

Insert the seat rest into the square hole of the longerons, and fixed it by the pins.

The seat rest can install on the any side of the paving machine.

2install the electrical control panel

Take out the electrical control panel from the transmission box, and fixed it on the seat rest by pins.

3Operate the hydraulic system

Open the power switch, and the power indicator light is light.

Open the switch of pump, wait the oil pressure rise to 8MPa.

( p s : the machine have been set to suitable pressure level in advance, Please DO NOT change the setting without necessary.)

Turn the up-down switch to control the machine body rise or down.

The machine has been set that rise fast and down slowly.

4adjust the height of the Front scraper rail

According to the prospective thickness of the coating strip, Adjust the setting screw to set the height of the Front scraper rail.

As general, the Front scraper rail height is the 1.5 times of the coating strip thickness.

5. adjust the screed height and angle

According to the prospective thickness of the coating strip, adjust the setting screw to set the height of the screed.

Turning the handle, adjust the tilting angle of the screed.

The tilting angle of the screed decides to the consistency of the plastic cement material.

6 Adjust the temperatures of the screed

According to the technical request and working environment, set the appropriate temperatures of the screed at the control panel.

7movement in paving progress

Forward and backward

Turn the switch to the forward step, the machine move forward, adjust the speed switch to control the speed of tracks.

The machine use the transducer to adjust the moving speed. The transducer show the number of frequency. The corresponding speed number is as following table:

Frequency Hz









Speed   m/min









Turn the switch to the backward step, the machine will move backward.

2in arc or curve movement

Adjust the speed switches on the control panel.

When the movement speed of right-side track is faster than the left-side one, the machine will turn to left and make arc movement. Contrarily, the machine will turn to right.

8 shaking operation:

Turn on the shaking switch, the screed is shaking.

This machine has all functions for paving the plastic cement stadium.

Ps: because of the paving machines always face the different working environments and use different technical directions, the users should find a series of data and skills to suit the working local conditions base on the operation experiences.

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