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Kindergarten EPDM rubber flooring, let the children grow up healthily and happily


EPDM rubber flooring is one of the most commonly used materials in kindergarten. Since it is a commonly used material in kindergartens, the quality and safety requirements of materials are very high. Foshan GRK is a material manufacturer with more than ten years of experience in the production and installation the sport flooring materials. The materials produced are safe, non-toxic and with a quality guarantee.

The EPDM rubber flooring has several major features:

1. Fast and corrosion-resistant, used throughout the day, will not fade due to UV, acid rain, etc., can maintain its high quality for a long time.

2. A variety of colors, soft colors, granular surface, to prevent the glare of light reflection, beautiful and durable, and can use more than one color.

3. Strong wear resistance, wear resistance less than 2.5%, can meet the needs of schools at all levels for a long time, high frequency of use.

4. Safety, environmental protection, odorless, non-toxic, environmentally friendly products, adding anti-mildew and antibacterial materials, no mosses, non-flammable, stable and durable, and not easy to breed microorganisms.

5. Simple maintenance, easy maintenance, save management costs.

After the construction of the EPDM rubber flooring, the site is flat, there is no accumulation of water, wear-resistant and durable, safe and non-toxic, this is the effect made with Foshan GRK's materials!

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