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ITF International Tennis Federation Certification: Flooring material for tennis court


What is ITF: ITF is the certification of the International Tennis Federation, and it has also become a certification of the International Union of Tennis. The relative tennis products can only be used in international competitions through the certification of the ITF International Tennis Federation. At the same time, after being certified by the ITF International Tennis Federation, the company can also list its name in the ITF's international network, so as to increase the company's brand reputation.

First, most international competitions require that only sports equipment and venues that are accredited by the international federation be accredited for use in international competitions.

Second, the products certified by the corresponding sports associations will be able to obtain the conformity test reports and the association certification certificates of the official sports accredited laboratories of the corresponding sports federations to provide effective certification for the applicants' product quality.

Third, the information on the applicants listed on the official website (or in the manuals issued by the association, technical documents) has a good advertising role.

ITF International Tennis Federation Certification

1. Introduction to ITF International Tennis Federation Certification

The ITF is the International Tennis Federation. It is the organizing and managing agency for all international tennis tournaments and has the right to negotiate and evaluate international tennis tournament rules. The ITF requires that sports products that are certified by the ITF before using for international tennis matches.

2. ITF's international Tennis Federation certified technical specifications stipulate that: Any manufacturer, venue construction contractor, owner of a tennis court or equipment owner may apply for ITF certification. (Mainly: ITF specification requires that the origin must apply for ITF site certification within 4 months after the completion of the laying.)

3. Products Covered by ITF International Tennis Federation Certification

1) Flooring Products (Acrylic, Artificial Clay, Artificial, Grass, Asphalt, Carpet, Concrete, etc.)

2) Tennis Court

3) Tennis Ball

4. ITF International Tennis Federation Certified Site Rating Description - Tennis Flooring CPR

CPR (Court Pace Rating) is the venue speed rating. The ITF technology standard divides the tennis sports floor and venue into five speed grades according to technical performance.

Category 1 (slow)

Category 2 (medium-slow)

Category 3 (medium)

Category 4 (medium-fast)

Category 5 (fast) fast


The Court Pace Rating (CPR) is a method to characterize the interaction between tennis and the court. It consists of two aspects: resistance test and vertical recovery. The former mainly describes the reduction of the horizontal component of the speed after the ball hits the ground. The latter mainly represents the time for continuous bouncing.

5. Test Method for ITF Quality Concept

5.1 The tennis court test standards are divided into: site orientation, appearance, size specifications; site fixtures, foundations, drainage and lighting facilities; site slope, flatness, and physical and mechanical properties of the site surface.

5.2 Laboratory Testing

Laboratory tests include rebound values, sliding resistance, shock absorption, ground speed, and water permeability.

Laboratory test content and indicators are shown in Table 1:

Test Content
Rebound value /%≥80
Sliding resistance /N60~80
Impact absorption /%5~15(General sports)

15~20(Domestic competitions)

20~35(International Tour)

Ground speed30~45
Water seepage rate0

Test sample size: 600 × 600 mm, a total of 4 (test 3, archive 1)

Standard sample: hard concrete surface, at least 300 × 300 × 50 mm

Test Environment:

Site Test: The Most Common Ambient Temperature and Humidity

Laboratory test: (samples are tested after 3 h in standard environment)

Temperature: 23±2°C

Humidity: No special requirements.

If the sample is sensitive to moisture, the sample should be placed under a relative humidity of 50 ± 5% for 88 hours

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