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How to buy artificial grass?


Artificial turf is favored by many consumers because of its features of all-weather, evergreen, environmental protection, durability, economy, maintenance-free and easy construction. Artificial turf is also used in a wider range of fields such as football, hockey, tennis, golf, rugby, basketball and other sports fields, as well as multipurpose grasses, landscape grasses, and airport grasses. The artificial turf manufacturers on the market are uneven and the variety of products is dazzling. In appearance alone, outsiders may not be able to control the quality of artificial turf. Let me take you to make up the basic knowledge of artificial turf!


-- Raw Material --

The raw materials for artificial turf are mostly polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), and nylon (PA).

1. Polyethylene (PE): High cost performance, softer feel, closer appearance and sport performance to natural grass, widely accepted by users, is the most widely used artificial grass fiber raw material on the market.

2. Polypropylene (PP): The grass fiber is hard, and the simple fibrillation is generally suitable for use in tennis courts, playgrounds, runways, or decorations. The wear resistance is slightly inferior to polyethylene.

3. Nylon: It is the earliest artificial grass fiber raw material, and also the best artificial turf raw material, belonging to the first generation artificial grass fiber. In the United States and other developed countries, nylon artificial turf is used throughout, but the prices are very high in China and most customers cannot accept it.

-- The Bottom --

1. Vulcanized wool PP weaving bottom: durable, anti-corrosion performance, good adhesion to glue and grass line, easy and firm, the price is 3 times higher than that of PP weaving.

2. PP weave bottom: General performance, weak binding force. The fiberglass bottom (bottom of the grid): Using glass fiber and other materials has a good help in increasing the strength of the bottom and binding force of grass fiber.

3.PU bottom: strong anti-aging properties, durable; strong adhesion to the grass line, and environmental protection without odor, but the cost is high, especially imported PU glue is more expensive.

4. Knitted bottom: The bottom of the woven type is not covered with a backing. The glue is directly attached to the root of the fiber. This kind of bottom can simplify the production process, save raw materials, and more importantly, it can meet the sports items forbidden by ordinary artificial grasses. : Javelin, etc., but the braided bottom has high equipment and process requirements, and this type of product has not yet appeared in China.

-- Glue/Binder --

1. Styrene-butadiene rubber is the most common material in China's artificial turf market, with good function, low cost, and water thawing.

2. Polyurethane (PU) rubber is a universal material in the world. Its strength and binding strength are several times higher than that of styrene-butadiene rubber. It is durable, beautiful in color, non-corrosive, not mildew and environmentally friendly but the price is high. It has a lower market share in China.

-- Structure Identification --

1. Appearance. Bright color, no obvious color difference; grass seedlings are flat, evenly tufted, the overall smooth, uniform stitch length without jump stitches, good consistency; the bottom of the rubber with moderate and infiltrated into the bottom liner, no leakage of glue, damage phenomenon.

2. Pile heigth. In principle, the longer the better (except the leisure area). The longest grass currently is 60mm, which is mainly used in professional football fields. The most common pile height used for soccer fields is about 30-50mm.

3. Density. From two perspectives to evaluate: First, from the back of the lawn to see the number of needles, the number of needles per meter more grass the better; Second, from the back of the lawn to see the line spacing, that is, the line spacing of grass, the closer the line spacing the better.

4. Fiber filament denier and fiber diameter. Common grass grasses are 5700, 7600, 8800 and 10000, which means that the higher the fineness of the grass grass, the better, the more the number of grass roots per cluster, the finer the grass, the better the quality. The fiber diameter is calculated in μm and is generally between 50 and 150 μm. The larger the fiber diameter, the better, and the larger diameter gives the impression that the straw is thick and resistant to wear. The small diameter of the fiber is like a very thin plastic sheet, and it is not wearable. The index of fiber yarn is generally difficult to measure, so FIFA generally uses the indicator of fiber weight.

5. Fiber quality. The better the unit length, the better the grass. The pound weight of the straw fiber is expressed in units of fineness, and the Dtex is defined as 1 g of the mass per 10000 m of fiber. This is referred to as 1 Dtex. The higher the pound weight of the straw fiber is, the thicker the straw is. The greater the pound weight of the straw fiber is, the stronger the abrasion resistance is. The greater the pound weight of the straw fiber is, the longer the service life is. However, due to the heavy pound weight of grass seedlings, the cost will be higher. According to the age range of the athletes and the frequency of use, suitable pounds for grass seedlings will be selected. Large-scale sports venues are recommended to use lawns woven with pounds of straw weighing over 11,000 Dtex.

6. Other aspects. Artificial turf is used to use or to beautify the living environment, so the most important foot and color quality is the first element to consider, if it is a sports lawn, it have to consider the feeling of athletes running on it, the ball -   whether the ball traversing above the track meets the requirements of the game or not.

-- Brand --

The brand is a kind of appraisal and cognition formed by a large number of users on a company’s products and its products’ excellent product quality, good product image, perfect after-sales service, and excellent corporate culture. It is a long-term investment in human and material resources, established trust with users. Foshan GRK artificial grass has a stable product quality assurance, and at the same time has a perfect, professional service system.

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