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How thick should the rubber running track be?


The material of the rubber running track is mainly polyurethane (PU) rubber and EPDM rubber, which has excellent elasticity, strong adhesion, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, anti-aging, all-weather, environmental protection, flame retardant, simple maintenance , bright colors and other advantages, which can beautify the environment and increase the interest in participating in sports. So, how thick should the rubber running track be to fully demonstrate these advantages?

The current national standard stipulates that the thickness of the rubber running track shall not be less than 13mm. The thickness of the running track is the most important to the external characteristics of the running track. In a sense, the durability of the running track depends on the thickness of the running track, especially physical damage.

If the International Federation of Athletics Associations allow athletes to use a certain length of studs, then the surface of the field must have sufficient thickness (the national standard requires a minimum of 13mm). At the same time, some areas on the surface of the court, such as the rear part of the javelin throwing area, are thicker than other areas. Because certain items such as the Javelin allow longer studs to be used, the penetration depth of the studs into the surface is deepened, and the damage to the surface of the field is also more serious.

Why is the minimum thickness specified?

The most important reason for the minimum thickness of the rubber running track is that the dynamic performance of the synthetic surface mainly depends on its thickness. If the surface of the field is too thin, the force generated is reduced, the deformability will be negatively affected, and the athlete will feel rigid and inelastic.

Is the running track the thicker the better?

Of course not! If the venue is too thick, it will also feel too soft or unsuitable. Except for the area on the track that needs to be thickened, the average thickness of the newly built synthetic track is at least 12mm, and no place should be less than 10mm. On the surface of the field, the total area of thickness between 10-10.5mm cannot exceed 5%.

It must be kept in mind that the specified thickness data is not obtained from a high-level field test, but the result of experimental proof.

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