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How thick is the plastic basketball court floor?


Plastic basketball court floor are generally paved with SPU court material, some are constructed with acrylic court materials, and some are used to be assembled suspension interlocking PP tiles. So how thick is the plastic basketball court floor? Foshan GRK tells you that the thickness of the plastic basketball court is related to the material used.


Generally, the thickness of the SPU basketball court is 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, and the thickness of the sandwich SPU basketball court is 8mm, 11mm. The minimum thickness of the SPU basketball court cannot be less than 3mm, because the basic flatness of the substrate base is: take 3m aluminum magnetic level rule and wedge feeler measure, the maximum tolerance is no more than 3mm. Once the basic flatness tolerance exceeds 3mm, the 3mm thickness of the SPU cannot be completely covered. The substrate base, the rose part will be exposed, and this phenomenon is usually called "exposed bottom". The SPU court material is too thin to meet the national requirements, it is easy to be scratched by hard objects, and it is not able to play sports normally. The reason why the thickness of the pure SPU basketball court cannot exceed 6mm is that once the thickness of the SPU court is too thick, the resilience will be weakened and the ball will not rebound,the power used when racking the ball is greater, and the load on the basketball player increases.

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The general thickness of acrylic court is about 1.5mm. Due to the nature of acrylic court materials, if the pavement is too thick, it will cause the court to crack.


The thickness of the suspension interlocking PP tiles is generally 13mm and 15mm, which is determined by the production specifications.

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