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How much does it cost to build a football field?


It seems that since Evergrande has spent a lot of money on football, the vast fanatical football fans have suddenly got rich, and there are not a few fans who have the idea of building a football field. Some people just want to be a boss, build a stadium to provide everyone with a place to kick the ball, then collect the venue fee and then sell the water, and finally also play the football on their own field. Some people are looking at the overall situation of the development of the football industry, and go into the ocean of football; of course, there are people who are rich, that is, have money, build a stadium to play. If you want to build a stadium, you can't avoid the cost. At least you need to know how much and how you spend the money. Let's talk about how much it costs to build a football field.

First of all, you have to know how the football field was built.


You have to have a piece of land, whether it is rented or bought, anyway, you need to have the right to use this land. A special standard football field needs about 9,000 square meters of land, that is, about 14 acres of land, the smallest five-a-side football field you have to have about 700 square meters of space.

Then you have to know how to make the land into a football field in a few steps. In order to be simple and easy to move, it can be roughly divided into four steps. The first step is ground treatment, the second step is turf laying, the third step is supporting construction, and the fourth step is facility purchase.


The ground treatment is to level the land, and then use several construction techniques to make the site resistant to earthquakes, cracks and deformations; the turf is to plant the grass on the ground, the grass has artificial grass and real grass; the third step is to surround the drainage ditch, the fence of the site, the enclosure and other supporting facilities. Of course, if you have money, you can also repair the rest area, the audience station, the advertising space and so on. The fourth step is to buy the goal, goal nets, corner flags, training piles, lighting and other facilities. After completing these four steps, a football field is basically completed.






Then through a form, everyone knows how the money is spent.


After reading this table, everyone should know how much it costs to build a football field. Whether you retreat after reading this topic or still feel that this is a small money. I sincerely hope that there will be new football fields in the motherland to solve the big problem of the development of Chinese football.


For the price of the stadium, if you only talk about the venue, I have seen that the migrant children’s primary school has only a few hundred thousand, so that the children can play the ball happily. I have also seen many clubs in the Netherlands spent a multi-million euro to build the field. According to local conditions, choose according to your own situation.

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