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How to clean the fallen leaves on the rubber track


The cleaning and maintenance of the rubber playground running track is very important. How to clean the fallen leaves on the running track? Cleaning with a cleaner is by far the best method:

1. Brush type: The cleaning machine must have a synthetic fiber brush similar to nylon or polyolefin; the minimum length of the brush is 2.5 inches; the brush cannot contain metal or metal wires.

2. Brush installation: Do not install the brush too low so as to extend into the grass fiber, filler or underlayment. When the brush is installed too low, it will damage the turf and affect the filling; there is no need to clean the dirt with a cleaning machine.


3. Temperature limit: Please do not use the cleaning machine if the temperature exceeds 33°C.

4. Vehicle gas emission: Do not discharge vehicle gas in the sports field.

5. Oil spills, etc.: Prevent lubricating oil, grease, liquids, etc. from dripping on the surface of the turf, which will cause the grass fibers to change color; be sure not to spill acidic liquids similar to batteries on the grass.

6. The frequency of cleaning is generally twice a month.

Article source: Chinese rubber track and stadium flooring materials manufacturer,

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