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Hot summer World Cup is concentrated in these pictures

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2018 Russia World Cup


The World Cup, which lasted more than a month, came to an end, and the ultimate suspense about the ownership of the Great God Cup was unveiled.

In the summer of Russia, there are too many unforgettable moments left, which is worth repeating over and over again after many years.



In the face of a calm and strong France, the Croatian team that had reversed three consecutive knockouts failed to perform a miracle. With a score of 4 to 2, "Gaul Rooster" once again won the Golden Cup in 20 years, and this is the second final in the history of the World Cup.


FIFA Official Awards


Golden BallModric (Croatia)


Golden BootHarry Kane (England)


Yashin AwardKurtova (Belgium)


Best Young Player AwardMbape (France)


FIFA Fair Play TrophySpain



South Korea won Germany, you dare to believe! 2 to 0!

Although the "Tai Chi Tiger" failed to qualify for the group, it broke the big champion and sent the defending champion out of the game. The "Germanic chariot" ended the trip to Russia.




C Ronaldo and Messi, the two most frightened stars in this World Cup. A single tree is difficult to support, and a state is in a downturn. After all, they fail to meet in the knockout match and offer the "Merro Battle" that everyone expects.

The World Cup, which belongs to the arrogant arrogance, ended early, and their "Merro era" will also end.



The superstar is fallen, not only the "Merro". Neymar, who is also a superstar, has not been able to lead the "Samba Army" to go further. It is an exaggerated rollover of global social networks, and even Wimbledon, which is staged simultaneously with the World Cup, is also popular with a wave of "Neymar Roll" celebrations.



England's happy football infects the world, and in the eighth-final match with Colombia, the "Three Lions" finally broke the spell in the World Cup penalty shootout.

Southgate, who once lost the key penalty for the player, is now redeeming himself as the head coach.



The fate of Argentina's bravery, the world witnessed the determination and fearlessness of the Icelanders, and their iconic Viking trench.

The small Nordic country with a population of just over 300,000 made its debut in the World Cup finals and performed a beautiful fairy tale in Russia.



The VAR (Video Assistant Referee) took the first round of the World Cup and watched the 335 events including all 122 goals in the group stage.

The first "beneficiary" is the champion France team! In the 54th minute with the Australian group stage, Griezmann was laid down in the restricted area. The referee changed the VAR to change the penalty and became the first penalty in the history of the World Cup.

In addition to VAR, the door-line technology that first entered the World Cup stage four years ago also avoided the occurrence of defamation.



Maradona, the "ball king" who used his life to rob the stage, was sent to the hospital because he was too excited.

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