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Ministry of Environmental Protection: VOCs do not charge “sewage charges” and do not levy “environme

Letter From Industry:  

“Notice of the Circular on the Relevant Matters Concerning the Stopping of the Levy of Sewage Charges and Other Administrative Institutional Charges” issued by the Ministry of Finance, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and the State Oceanic Administration (Finance [2018] No. 4) is specified that from January 1, 2018, it will uniformly suspend the collection of pollutant discharge fees for volatile organic compounds across the country, “Notice on Relevant Issues Concerning Relief and Postponement of Sewage Discharge Charges, etc. of the State Development and Reform Commission of the Ministry of Finance" (Cai Qing [2003] No. 38), "Circular of the Ministry of Finance of the National Development and Reform Commission of the Ministry of Finance on Printing and Distributing the 'Pilot Measures for Volatile Organics Pollutant Charges' "(Finance and Tax [2015] No. 71), and "the Ministry of Finance's State Development Planning Commission's Approval of Receiving Marine Engineering Wastewater Discharge Charges"  (including Caizong [2003] No. 2) and other relevant documents were also repealed. According to the above-mentioned documents, VOCs no longer levied sewage charges and whether they need to impose environmental taxes. If taxation is required, only 44 items of pollutants specified in the “equivalent value of atmospheric pollutants” in the “Environmental Protection Tax Law of the People's Republic of China” are included. Can you think that the scope of VOCs taxation is only 44 items in the table?

Reply from Ministry of Environmental Protection:  

Article 6 of the "Environmental Protection Tax Law of the People's Republic of China" stipulates: "The tax items and taxes for environmental protection taxes shall be implemented in accordance with the "Amount of Tax for Environmental Protection Tax Items", VOCs are not included in the "Table of Taxable Pollutants and Equivalent Values". Article 27 of the “Environmental Protection Tax Law” stipulates: “Since the date of the implementation of this law, the environmental protection tax shall be expropriated in accordance with the provisions of this Law, and no sewage charges shall be levied.” VOCs shall no longer be subject to sewage charges and shall not be levied environmental protection tax.

Air pollutant tax

Tax itemsTax unitTaxRemark
Atmospheric PollutantPer pollution equivalent1.2 to 12 yuan

44 air pollution pollution equivalent values

PollutantsPer pollution equivalent(kgs)
1. Sulfur dioxide0.95
2. Nitrogen oxides0.95
3. Carbon monoxide16.7
4. Chlorine0.34
5. Hydrogen chloride10.75
6. Fluoride0.87
7. Hydrogen cyanide0.005
8. Sulfuric acid fog0.6
9. Chromic acid mist0.0007
10. Mercury and its compounds0.0001
11. General dust4
12. Asbestos dust0.53
13. Glass wool dust2.13
14. Carbon black dust0.59
15. Lead and its compounds0.02
16. Cadmium and its compounds0.03
17. Antimony and its compounds0.0004
18. Nickel and its compounds0.13
19. Tin and its compounds0.27
20. Soot2.18
21. Benzene


22. Toluene0.18
23. Xylene0.27
24. Benzo (a) pyrene0.000002
25. Formaldehyde0.09
26. Acetaldehyde0.45
27. Acrolein0.06
28. Methanol0.67
29. Phenolics0.35
30. Asphalt smoke0.19
31. Aniline0.21
32. Chlorobenzenes0.72
33. Nitro0.17
34. Acrylonitrile0.22
35. Vinyl chloride0.55
36. Phosgene0.04
37. Hydrogen sulfide0.29
38. Ammonia9.09
39. Trimethylamine0.32
40. Methyl mercaptan0.04
41. Dimethyl sulfide0.28
42. Dimethyl disulfide0.28
43. Styrene25
44. Carbon disulfide20

What is VOCs?

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) refer to organic compounds involved in atmospheric photochemical reactions, including non-methane hydrocarbons (alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, aromatics, etc.), oxygen-containing organics (aldehydes, ketones, alcohols, ethers, etc.), chlorine-containing Organic matter, nitrogen-containing organic matter, sulfur-containing organic matter, etc., are important precursors for ozone (O3) and fine particle (PM2.5) pollution.

-Excerpted from the "13th Five-Year" Work Plan for Prevention and Control of Volatile Organic Compounds Pollution

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