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2018 The 8th Asia Pacific Floor Expo will be held in Guangzhou in May


China's flooring industry, infrastructure development as the core, has its own self-evident importance in promoting the development of domestic and international construction ground. According to statistics of industry survey from January to August in 2017, the total output value of floor, sports field and flexible flooring industry reached 100 billion yuan, and the floor material mainly consisted of seamless, abrasion-resistant and colorful. Floor industrial output is rising year after year. New materials such as: water-based floor, solvent-free floor, rubber track, artificial grass, the popularity of various types of ground materials will not only help the rapid development of green buildings, but also will promote China's floor and related ground floor industry into Rapid development of the new situation.

2018 The 8th Asia Pacific Floor Show will be held on May 9-11 in B Zone, Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair Complex. The 8th Asia-Pacific Floor Fair will be jointly displayed with 2018 Guangzhou Sports Venue and Floor Materials Exhibition and 2018 Guangzhou International Coatings Exhibition. Exhibition site display exhibits will cover floor coatings and sports venues, flexible flooring, paint coating and other fields.

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