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What tools are needed for the SPU construction?


Silicon PU construction tools:

Preparations before construction of the silicon PU project: preparation of raw materials, auxiliary materials,   tools and equipment in advance (scale, barrels, carts, squeegees, knives, spoons, mixing machinery).

1. Basic Ground Preparation Tools

  Mainly includes an electric grinder, which is used for grinding and polishing the road surface, and can be used for the construction of different material engineering projects, such as epoxy floor paint. Grinder (hand-held grinder), used for cutting, and partially grinding and polishing. A brower is used to clean the road.

2. Universal tools

Cables, winding boxes, and cables must be prepared in advance for 380V cables and 220V cables. In addition, you must master the knowledge of wiring, because generally it need to   wire on the construction site by yourself, and the length is generally 100 meters. Small tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, insulating glue, hammers, axes, paper cutters, cutter heads, and oil-based markers must also be prepared in advance.

3. Elastic layer construction tools

  Contains silicon PU scraper squeegee (including flat rake and rake teeth), which is used to scrape silicon PU elastic layer. Electric drills (also called mixing guns) are used to mix raw materials, elastic layer materials and paint materials can be mixed. Carts for transporting and pouring raw materials. Stainless steel plate (mud scraping ruler), used for some engineering construction.

4. Primer construction tools

  Contains barrel, long handles, barrels.

5. Topcoat construction tools

Including rollers, long handles, barrels, and rollers with better quality. Other repetitive tools are not listed here.

6. Stadium line drawing tool

Masking tapes, tape machine(or by hand). 50-meter steel tape for measuring and positioning.

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