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How to maintain the rubber track in winter?


The water of the site should be cleaned up in time. In winter must keep the surface of the rubber track dry at all times. Especially at night the rubber track is very easy to freeze, rubber track should be timely clean up the surface water to prevent damage to the surface of the rubber track due to freezing.

Rain and snow should be dealt with as soon as possible snow. Once there is snow on the rubber track, it should be cleaned up in time to avoid the snow on the rubber track freezing and destroying the rubber track. After the snow stops, use the softer broom to clean the snow, not to use the hard snow removal tools to clean up, otherwise it will affect the flatness of the rubber track. Thus causing damage to the rubber track.

Ice accumulation should be swept away by natural melting. If the low temperature at night leads to icing phenomenon, let the frozen ice melt naturally, remember not to use hard objects to shovel pry, otherwise it will damage the rubber track surface. In the melting at the same time to clean the water, this time the rubber track maintenance is more important.

Do a good job of daily maintenance of the rubber track. Avoid the pollution of harmful substances, avoid violent mechanical impact and abrasion, no vehicles are allowed to run on the rubber track, and heavy objects are not allowed to be piled up.

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