How long to build a tennis court?

How long to build a tennis court?

At the begining ,it should think about what material will use on the tennis court . red clay ,nature grass, artificial grass, acrylic paint,EPDM material,Spu material or pvc material ?

Once choose artificial grass ,acrylic paint,EPDM material,SPU material or PVC material , the first step should build the strong sub-base.

it can be concrete or asphalt.

here it is the Asphalt structure ,when build the asphalt ,this is the suggestion.

the new finished asphalt ,it should maintain at least 15days

here it is the concrete structure ,when build the concrete ,this is the suggestion.

the new finished concrete,the flatness difference is not more than 3mm,for the outdoor sport floor, the surface drainage gradient should be 1:100 to 1:150.

the concrete base ,when install ,it suggest to do reinforced concrete,the rebar use φ6mm-φ8mm and the  grid with a spacing of 150mm-300mm .the concrete strength should more than 4000psi(or C25).

(一)Temperatuer joint --concrete base

It must cut after pouring water conservation, each part should be 6X8m size . the crack width should be 6--8mm, the depth is not less than 30mm.

Note:when build the concrete or asphalt , it should build-in some facilities(such as upright column,post,light pipe)

(二)Fence install

1)Column socle

2)Frame: the upright column by 75mm steel pipe should be embedded in the base. the column height is 4m,

3)Install the fence

4)if the post is build-in item. in middle of the post ,it should embedded with the hook

5) it have three kind of fence .

(三)Light install

(四)tennis court surface install

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