Acrylic paint floor VS Epoxy floor

Acrylic paint floor VS Epoxy floor

Acrylic paint floor as a kind of ground decoration materials. with multicolor, and wearing resistance ,scrub resistance performance ,widely used in the workshop floor, basketball courts and other areas of painting,

Epoxy floor is suitable for high-standard ground such as wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, oil-resistant, pressure-resistant, smooth and easy to clean places such as parking lot, automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, paper making, cigarette, chemical, textile, furniture and other industries surface.

Compare with acrylic and epoxy,Epoxy floor is harder than acrylc paint floor.

Epoxy floor wear resistance is good but poor UV resistance, used in outdoor there are many restrictions, therefore, only suitable for indoor floor coating, and acrylic floor containing acrylic resin, the UV has a strong resistance, so Has been widely used.

Acrylic paint floor VS Epoxy floor

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