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Indoor and Outdoor Putting Set Golf Trainer Mat Artificial golf Green Mini Court

Brand: GRK
Place of Origin: Guangdong China
Shipping: FOB China port by ocean
Unit Price: USD 2-USD10 /square meter
Delivery: 15days

Why choose artificial golf turf? What are the different between artificial golf turf and Natural grass ?

Artificial Golf turf

1) Convenient, can install at home or in office ,satisfy the interest at any time, improve the skill ,but also can beauty the environment.

2) Without maintenance .

Natural Grass

1) Maintenance is expensive

2) Natural grass need be cut at lest 3times per week ;

3) In order to make the natural grass smooth, it is necessary to continuously spread sand, fill soil and roll

4) Need to arrange professional care, such as fertilizing, watering, deworming, etc.

5) It is restricted that users must put on golf shoes.

6) Many professional techniques: cutting roots, drilling holes... etc.

golf green -4.jpggolf grass (1).jpgartificial golf green.jpggolf grass (2).jpggolf green-2.jpggolf turf-1.jpggolf green-3.jpggolf-turf-2.jpg

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