Multipurpose Court
Multi-Purpose Court

Multi-Purpose Court

Multi-purpose playground is to meet the people's fitness needs, combined with the characteristics of the project, give full play to "a multi-purpose" integrated function, composed of several sports multi-purpose sports venues.

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Multi-Purpose CourtMulti-Purpose CourtMulti-Purpose Courtmultipurpose court.jpg

Materials Used

ItemSilicon PU(SPU)Material
Acrylic MaterialEPDM MaterialPVC MaterialPP Interlocking material

Crackfiller+ Base layer+ liquid rubber coating+ strengthen layer+

finish surface+ markingline

Basecoat+ middle layer+ elastic layer+ top coat+ marking linePrimer+SBR layer+ EPDM layer+ marking lineBinder+PVCPPlayer

Silicon PU(SPU) Feature

1)      Comfort, due to the liquidrubber coating

2)      Safety and seamless design

3)      Closed surface

4)      Multipurpose used

5)      Every design and colors areavailable

6)      Excellent UV resistance

Strong tensile strength, seal the concrete temperaturejoint

Acrylic material Feature

1)      Economic

2)      UV resistance

3)      Water-born material

4)      All weather resistance

EPDM material Feature

1)      All weather resistance

2)      Colorful

3)      Easy installation

PVC material Feature

1)      Easy installation

2)      The edge easy to cured

3)      Soft and comfort

PP Interlocking material Feature

1)      Easy installation

2)      Economic

3)      Have soft and hard options

4)      UV resistance


1)      Prohibit all vehicles drivingon the basketball court to avoid mechanical shock and friction.

2)      Edge should be addedprotection, shall not be stripped, such as damage should be promptly repaired.

3)      Avoid contact with organicsolvents, chemicals.

4)      Keep clean, you can rinse withwater, sticky oil can be 10% ammonia or detergent scrub clean.

5)      No Smoking Cigarette butts,chewing gum or sugary drinks.

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