ITF standard acrylic middle layer material
ITF standard acrylic middle layer material

ITF standard acrylic middle layer material





Brand: GRK

Place of Origin: Guangdong China

Product Information


Acrylic middle layer material CP051 is water-born and hightly permeable emulsions.

Applied mixed with sand,will effectively enhance the site strength and smoothness.

Technical Data

Solid content(%)99
Applicable period25℃,min60
Curing time25℃,h24
Elongation at break(%)≥30
Impermeability (Mpa)≥0.8
Tensile StrengthMPa1.8

Package and Storage


Stored in a cool, ventilatedand dry warehouse, keep away from fire and heat sources, and keep waterproof,damp proof and light proof.

Storage period: six monthsfrom the date of production. More than the storage period, the test cancontinue to use.


Chemical NameIn % by WeightCAS No.EC No.Molecular Formula
4-HYDROXYLATEDACRYLIC RESIN88.8%2478-10-6219-606-3C7H12O3
Methyl acrylate10%96-33-3202-500-6C4H6O2
4,4'-Diphenylmethane diisocyanate1%101-68-8202-966-0-----


1) It should apply 2 layers by squeegee. 2layers total usage is 0.5kg/

2) The first layer: 0.3kgCP051 material mix +0.3kg silica sand +0.015kg cement+0.3kg water mix and stir evenly,after 10hours cured, it will become 1mm.

3) The second layer: 0.2kgCP051 material mix +0.2kg silica sand +0.01kg cement+0.2kg water, mix and stir evenly,after 10hours cured, it will become 0.6mm.

ITF standard acrylic middle layer material


1)      According to the basis of construction and weather conditions, the amountof sand and water will be adjusted appropriately, the ground surface is rough,and at the same time, more quartz sand will be added. When the temperature ishigh, some water can be added to the ground.

2)      During the curing, there may be falling leaves or other winds into thevenue of the debris, the formation of solidified layer, must be completelyclean.

3)      The uncured material should not touch theskin for a long time. If you accidentally enter the eyes, rinse with plenty ofwater and go to the doctor in time;

4)      This product is a chemical product. It isforbidden to be eaten. It is forbidden to be implanted in the body, so as toavoid child contact.

In case of fire, it is recommended to use powder, carbon dioxide or foamfire extinguishing agent. Firefighters should be protected.

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