Epoxy self-leveling floor paint
Epoxy self-leveling floor paint

Epoxy self-leveling floor paint

Materials: Epoxy resin

Composition: Two component

Color: Customized


Place or Origin :Guangdong China

Brand :GRK

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Production Information

Decription :

This two-component product is mainly prepared by epoxy resin, curing agent. It has great resistance to acid & alkali, water,impact,scrub, stains,electrostatic and mold.Typically, it is widely used for Garage & parkinging lot,electronics factory,hospital,business building,food & beverage factory. Our high quality epoxy floor paint achieves mirror apprearance, extends color & gloss retention,ultra highly anti-abrasion performance.


Apply to spaceflight, electronics, medicine, food, automobile and other industries the production workshop, warehouse and underground parking garage floor anticorrosion paint coating, etc.


1)Thin coating

2) Wrinkled Non-slip surface

3)Anti-static paint

4)Colorful Coating

5)Self-leveling Paint

Package and Storage

Packing: 24kg /set,25kg/set, 20kg/set

Stored in a cool, ventilated and dry warehouse,keep away from fire and heat sources, and keep waterproof, damp proof and lightproof.

Storage period: six months from the date ofproduction. More than the storage period, the test can continue to use.

Physical Parameter:

Paint: light, more than 70% gloss (60 ° reflection angle)

Color: according to custom

Theoretical dosage: 0.43kg / square meter

Surface dry (20 ℃): about 4h

Hard dry (20 ℃): 24h

Fully cured: 7d

Film thickness: wet film: 300µm

Dry film: 200µm

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