Spray Coat Tartan Track

A fine granulesstructure,providing a soft, comfortable surface.A cost-effective surface foruse at schools sports and athletics sports.Very safe multisport system.

Spray Coat is water permeable so that the surface dries out veryquickly and is still non-slip performance. This means that the syntheticsurface is suitable for year-round use as an all weather pitch. Additionaladvantages include the high level of wear resistance and low maintenance costs.

Sandwich Running Track

Sandwich track is a high-performance surface for top-class international sport. The structure combining a solid PU surface and shock-absorbing levelling ensures excellent durability for this synthetic waterproof surface with good force-absorption properties.

Good spike resistance,Flexible non-porous athletic track systme formulated for athletic tracks and multi use games area.

Full PU Athletic Track

Full PU Athletic Track is a solvent free self leveling,two component polyurethane material with good elastic,tensile strength properties,environment friendly ,good elastic ,high strengthen,colorful and easy ,safe to construction.

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