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How to distribute the drainage of the rubber track?


The synthetic running track of the stadium has a large area, and the rainwater from the surrounding auditorium also flows into the venue. The venue must be used as soon as possible after the rain. The IAAF stipulates: "When the track and field ground is completely submerged, drain water for 20 minutes. Here The water depth of the ground area at any location shall not exceed the depth of the ground structure of the track and field".

Site drainage can be a combination of surface runoff drainage and underground infiltration. If only ground runoff is used for drainage, the site is required to be flat and the flooding slope is very uniform, which is difficult for large-area football fields and field games. It is impossible to discharge by water seepage alone, because the water seepage capacity of the site is related to the site structure itself. Even if the water seepage is good, its water seepage capacity will become worse and worse as the service life increases. In addition, the water seepage capacity of the turf football field should not be too strong, because too much water and fertilizer loss will cause poor turf growth. A more appropriate drainage method is that the seepage rate is lower than the surface runoff rate. Therefore, the method of "draining percolation combined with drainage as the main" method is generally adopted.

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Divide the entire stadium rubber tartan track into three drainage areas

1. The drainage area drains the rainwater above the stands, and mainly takes the surface runoff method to drain the surface water into the drainage ditch.

2. The drainage area is the race track itself and the semicircle field at the north and south ends. There are two drainage methods in this area. When the athletic track is a slag athletic track, the drainage can be "drained and combined"; when the athletic track is a rubber tartan track, runoff drainage must be used to drain ground water into the inner side of the athletic track. Drainage ditch (see the "site structure" section for construction practices).

3. The drainage area is the area within the racetrack and the field, including the football field and its buffer zone. Generally, the method of "drainage and seepage combined" is adopted.

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