Construction Standard
Training Cycle
Experts from design institute are invited to train our sales staff and construction staff.
Training cycle:4 times/year
Grading System
The construction engineers are divided inton ABC THREE GRDABC three grade.
Grade promotion is closely related to construction skills,service level,safety awareness,training record and customer evaluation.
bharathi vidhyalaya school in Tamilnadu India
epoxy paint--Victoria Sports Tower Station
Acrylic tennis court in Victoria Sports Tower Station-Philippine
Chile-Colegio Costa CordIllera--Playing area
Chile-Colegio Costa CordIllera-indoor gym
Chile-Colegio Costa CordIllera grass
Nakhon pathom Thailand - Indoor gymnasium 900 sqm SPU
8layers acrylic multipurpose court in 725sqm
victoria sports tower station Manila
2 badminton court PVC at YMCA kannur kerala India
Coimbatore India
guizhou liupenshui  15mmEPDM playground 2100㎡
Yishun JC Singapore
Colombo Sri Lanka
Vatel, International Business School Hotel & Tourism Management Rwanda
Shenzhen funan police station 5mm SPU basketball court--1000㎡
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