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UV resistance Acrylic top coat materials

Material: Acrylic
Type: Liquid
Brand: GRK
Item No.: CP113
Packing: Drum
MOQ: 100 square meter
Place of Origin: Guangdong China
Shipping: FOB China port by ocean
Unit Price: USD2-5/kg
Delivery: 3-5days

Acrylic top coat paint has excellent weather resistance, bright colors, strong color retention, high hardness, high film rebound value, and low water seepage rate.

Its curing mechanism: with the vocalization of water in the system, the polystyrene-acrylic emulsion particles in the system coalesce to form a film.

Top coat have Higher strength, The tensile strength≥10 MPa;Toughness is better, the elongation at break≥600%;Abrasion resistance, tear resistance, and man-made damage resistance are stronger;The weather resistance is further strengthened, and there is no chalking after long-term use;Good viscosity, can be roll coated.

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