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High and micro Elastic layer material for acrylic
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High and micro Elastic layer material for acrylic

Material: Acrylic
Type: Liquid
Color: Red/Green/Blue
Brand: GRK
Item No.: CP052
Packing: Drum
MOQ: 1package
Place of Origin: Guangdong China
Shipping: FOB China port by ocean
Unit Price: USD2-5/kg
Delivery: 3-5days


There are high elasticity layer material and micro elasticity layer material.Composed of 100% acrylic and special polymer rubber particles. Has a goodcushioning effect, protect athletes joints, reduce sports injuries.


1)Water-born material ,Non-toxic, 100% environmentally friendly materials

2)Strong adhesion, solidstructure, not delamination, no blistering.

3)Good elasticity, not easyto crackthere is a comfortablesense of movement

4)Elastic cushion series withshock absorption performance, can reduce the athlete's foot and leg shock

Technical Data

ShapeBlackcolor liquid
Solid content (%) 99
Applicable period( 25℃ ,min)≥60
Curing time(25℃ ,h)≥24
Tensile strength (Mpa)≥1.8
Bonding strength(Mpa)≥1.0

Package and Storage

Iron barrel200 kg/barrel or 50kg/drum

Stored in a cool, ventilatedand dry warehouse, keep away from fire and heat sources, and keep waterproof,damp proof and light proof.

Storage period: six monthsfrom the date of production. More than the storage period, the test cancontinue to use.


Chemical NameIn % by WeightCAS No.EC No.Molecular Formula
4-HYDROXYLATED ACRYLIC RESIN10%2478-10-6219-606-3C7H12O3
Methyl acrylate84.8%96-33-3202-500-6C4H6O2
Special rubber granule5%---------------


1)   Firstly apply 1 layer high elasticity layermaterial (E-60),by squeegee

2)   Secondly apply micro elasticity layermaterial (E-61),by squeegee.

3)   It should add 5% water

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