Strong strength Crack Filler material on sales

Strong strength Crack Filler material on sales

Material: Polyurethane


Color:Light green




Place of origin: Guangdong China

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Product Information


It is Single component material. Moisture curing is mainly used in the expansionjoint of cement foundation and the filling or repair of local foundationcracking. In the tensile strength, the product itself has a 10times the stretchand rebound, enough to resist the normal base of the expansion.(Except forfoundation settlement, collapse)


For any concrete base.

Package and Storage

Packing: 30kg /drum

Stored in a cool, ventilated and dry warehouse,keep away from fire and heat sources, and keep waterproof, damp proof and lightproof.

Storage period: six months from the date ofproduction. More than the storage period, the test can continue to use.


Chemical NameIn % by WeightCAS No.EC No.Molecular Formula
polyurethane resin53%9009-54-5210-898-8C3H8N2O
Calcium carbonate5%471-34-1207-439-9CaCO3
iron oxide14%1332-37-2215-570-8-----


1)   After clean the base, cut the V shape

2)   Apply 1 layers base coat (primer), after dry.

3)   The normal crack ,fill with crack fillermaterial one layer, use trowel to apply one layer by width:500px, thickness1.5mm

4)   Before dry, put the mesh fabric on it.

5)   After dry, polish it.

6)   If the big crack, it suggests to fill ingranule firstly, then pour the crack filler material.

Strong strength Crack Filler material on sales

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